2016 Spring Schedule

Week 1a

8am: Here for Beer (12) vs Blackout (24)

Week 1b

8am: L. Strikes (44) vs Wolverines (0)

9am: Here for Beer (20) vs The Knights (34)

10am: Buzz Kill (38) vs Dumpster Babies (0)

11am: Blackout (44) vs Ditka's Sausage (6)

Week 2

8am: L. Strikes (24) vs Blackout (22)

9am: Dumpster Babies (7) vs Here for Beer (32)

10am: The Knights (0) vs Buzz Kill (21)

11am: Wolverines (6) vs Ditka's Sausage (32)

12pm: Wolverines (0) vs The Knights (44)

Week 3

8am: The Nights vs Ditka's Sausage

9am: Wolverines vs Buzz Kill

10am: Dumpster Babies vs Blackout

11am: L. Strikes vs Here for Beer

12pm: Dumpster Babies vs L. Strikes

Week 4

8am: Buzz Kill vs Here for Beer

9am: Ditka's Sausage vs L. Strikes

10am: Blackout vs Wolverines

11am: The Knights vs Dumpster Babies

Week 5

8am: L. Strikes vs The Knights

9am: Dumpster Babies vs Wolverines

10am: Blackout vs Buzz Kill

11am: Here for Beer vs Ditka's Sausage

12pm: Ditka's Sausage vs Buzz Kill

Week 6

8am: Wolverines vs Dumpster Babies

9am: Buzz Kill vs Blackout

10am: Ditka's Sausage vs Here for Beer (48)

11am: The Knights vs L. Strikes

Week 7

8am: Ditka's Sausage vs Dumpster Babies

9am: Blackout vs The Knights

10am: Here for Beer vs S. Wolverines

11am: Buzz Kill vs L. Strikes


# Team Name Record Point Differential
1 Lightning Strikes 5-0 64
2 Blackout 4-1 102
3 The Knights 4-1 86
4 Buzz Kill 3-1 71
5 Ditka's Sausage 1-3 (39)
6 Here for Beer 1-4 (22)
7 Wolverines 1-4 (150)
8 Dumpster Babies 0-5 (122)
Player Name Team Name TD's Thrown INT's Thrown TD's Caught Rushing TD's INT Pick 6 Punt Return Games Played
Steve KarlovitzBlackout26200205
Joaquin HernandezLightning Strikes1635
Ricky MatternThe Knights1634
Brandon HoffmanDumpster Babies112
George GrimallidiBuzz Kill714
Patrick TuckerDitka's Sausage3113
Ken WildeboerBuzz Kill24
Thomas LovingWolverines23
Marco FortunatoBlackout17005
Brent MartinDumpster Babies1
Brad BriartonBlackout08004
Brian AmosBlackout04004
Jason MillerBlackout03005
Rex FamatimBlackout02004
Jeff KarlovitzBlackout02004
John HawryskoBlackout01005
Dane DoubrauThe Knights624
Bryan WysockeLightning Strikes515
Chris MikalskiDumpster Babies5
Mike SavageLightning Strikes45
Tim ThomasDumpster Babies4
Chris FallThe Knights42
Tony PuocciThe Knights43
Brandon BurkeBuzz Kill333
Mike ThomasLightning Strikes325
David SchueBuzz Kill223
Dan SethnessLightning Strikes24
Brian MoranBuzz Kill24
Nick FallThe Knights24
Nick NortonLightning Strikes1214
Mike SmolkaBuzz Kill113
Jim HurleyLightning Strikes13
Jimi HofmannBuzz Kill14
Danny HooperWolverines1
Dom MuzzupappaWolverines1
Mike BergWolverines1
Tristen SchollyDitka's Sausage12
Joe Vitacco Ditka's Sausage12
Bill SarbDitka's Sausage13
Tom TracDumpster Babies11
Jason ZakDumpster Babies1
Adam CarlsonThe Knights14
Jeff KalbWolverines3
Joe OzanicDitka's Sausage2212
Scott GoodeDumpster Babies1
Andy KLightning Strikes4
Joe SchloppBuzz Kill4
Jojo GilmanWolverines2
Biagio TWolverines
Dre BomanWolverines
Ken FongHere for Beer
Chris OrzeHere for Beer
Kevin SteermanHere for Beer
Mike SchweihsHere for Beer
Jim ThomasHere for Beer
Brian LucashHere for Beer
Jason ShepardHere for Beer
Matt GanskiHere for Beer
Rick SimantarzDitka's Sausage3
Garrett GilliamDitka's Sausage
Anton ClaudiaDitka's Sausage
Dan KarlovitzDitka's Sausage3
Brent HoffmannDumpster Babies
Tony BellivaThe Knights4
Dan JarocThe Knights2

2015 Spring Awards


2016 Spring Team Captains


Steve Karlovitz

Brad Briarton

Jason Miller

Rex Famatid

Brian Amos

John Hawrysko

Marco Fortunato

Jeff Karlovitz

Lightning Strikes

Joaquin Hernandez

Nick Norton

Mike Thomas

Bryan Wysocke

Dan Sethness

Mike Savage

Jim Hurley

Andy K.

Buzz Kill

Ken Wildeboer

David Schue

Mike Smolka

Brandon Burke

Jimi Hofmann

Brian Moran

Joe Schlopp

George Grimallidi


Thomas Loving

Jeff Kalb

Jojo Gilman

Biagio T.

Dre Boman

Danny Hooper

Dom Muzzupappa

Mike Berg

Here for Beer

Ken Fong

Chris Orze

Kevin Steerman

Mike Schweihs

Jim Thomas

Brian Lucash

Jason Shepard

Matt Ganski

Ditka's Sausage

Patrick Tucker

Tristen Scholly

Joe Ozanic

Joe Vitacco

Rick Simantarz

Bill Sarb

Garrett Gilliam

Anton Claudia

Dan Karlovitz

Dumpster Babies

Brandon Hoffman

Tim Thomas

Scott Goode

Chris Milaski

Tom Trac

Jason Zak

Brent Martin

Brent Hoffman

The Knights

Chris Fall

Ricky Mattern

Nick Fall

Tony Belliva

Adam Carlson

Tony Puocci

Dan Jaroc

Dane Doubrau

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are player’s fees?

A. This year there is a new flat fee of $60. Players can register at the Clauss Recreation Center, 555 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, or on-line at www.rparks.org. If faxing or mailing, the registration form can be downloaded from this link: Registration. Our fax number can be found on form. Fall season program ID# is 123151-A.

Can an entire team join the league?

No, teams are drafted each season by assigned captains. However, reigning SMFL champs roster will remain intact to defend their title.

How does one become a captain?

Players hoping to becoming a captain must have been an active participant in the league for a full year (both fall and spring season). Captains from a previous season can/will recommend a player(s) as a new captain if and when new captains are needed. Being able to attend preseason meetings and playing in every game plays a huge role in the decision making process in regards to the choosing of a new captain(s). If you are a captain of a title game team, you will be asked to remain a captain for the following season.

How does Draft Day work?

On a predetermined date, captains select players during Draft Day meeting. Date and location will be disseminated to players. Every player is required to attend. Draft order is NFL “snake” style. For example…first round: team #1 picks and draft proceeds through team #7. Second round: team #7 picks and selection process continues through team #1’s pick, etc.

Why does the SMFL draft teams and not allow already organized teams to join?

We are looking to having competitive games and parity amongst the teams. Thus, season-to-season, captains are able to shuffle their rosters come Draft Day with an eye towards improving the blend of players they have.



  • 555 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Roselle, IL 60172
  • steve.karlovitz@gmail.com